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The AGL Technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and continuous operation of all Airfield Lighting equipment.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



What You’ll Do

  • Perform site visits and daily airfield lighting corrective repair and maintenance activities at contracted facilities. 

  • Conduct service, inspections, and repairs of all AGL systems.

  • Troubleshoot, repair or replace all airfield electronic and electrical systems using schematics, blueprints, and electrical test equipment.

  • Troubleshoot, repair or replace fiber optic systems.

  • Follow and implement preventive maintenance program including cleaning, adjusting, lubricating, monitoring or replacing parts.

  • Install new AGL systems that includes the installation of conduit, electrical wiring, data cable, fiber optics, and service panels.

  • Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain all electrical and electronic components, CCRs, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) control systems.

  • Repair, replace and inspect the airfield lighting control system (ALCMS).

  • Calibrate all airfield lighting systems in accordance with FAA and ICAO regulations.

  • Assist in rubber removal operations, runway marking, friction testing and flight checks.

Who You are

  • Electrical Technician with at least 5 years of experience in AGL works. 

  • Prior experience in low current systems in airport environment. 

  • Familiar with FAA and ICAO regulations. 

  • Familiar with GACA regulations is a plus.

  • Knowledge of ADB Safegate, CCH (Eaton), Honeywell and other AGL OEMs. 

  • Excellent communication skills. 

  • Good English skills. 

  • Ability to speak Arabic is a plus. 

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